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Their settlement was called Ddn or Dadan, and at one point the appointees of Dedan city took a second capital in the north, and they had strength and strength. Their civilization has contributed a great deal to the movement of arts, writing, trade and architecture. Their remains are still there … Read More

Akma Mountain is located 3 acres to the northwest of Al-Ula governorate. Its importance is that it is one of the historical records of the Kingdom of Lahyan, along with other sites such as Jabal Al-Khraibeh, Talat Al-Hammadi and Abu Oud. Akma Mountain is like an open library full of … Read More

One of Al Ula’s top attractions, it is an ideal location for desert sports and mountaineering enthusiasts. This will be for the richness and diversity of the panoramic place that abounds in it, in addition to its distinctiveness and uniqueness in form, so it has become one of the places … Read More

The old town of Al-Ula is called “Al-Dur”
It consists of a distinguished group of old buildings built of clay and stones and displays the lifestyle and residential complexes of the sixth century AH. It is one of the most prominent places of tourism in Al Ula, which does not complete … Read More

• Saleh cities is an archaeological site located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the northwestern part. Saleh cities is located in a distinct strategic location on the road that brings together the countries of Egypt, the Levant, Mesopotamia, and the Arabian Peninsula. This site is of great commercial … Read More

The vision of Al-Ula, which was launched by the Royal Commission in February 2019 under the patronage and presence of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, includes a set of developmental projects that enhance Al-Ula’s position as a global cultural façade, in line with achieving the goals of Vision 2030.

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