The Winter of Tantura

The vision of Al-Ula, which was launched by the Royal Commission in February 2019 under the patronage and presence of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, includes a set of developmental projects that enhance Al-Ula’s position as a global cultural façade, in line with achieving the goals of Vision 2030.


What About Us

Providing a special platform for rapid communication with our 24/7 customer service center.

Our Vision

That our company is the first and optimal choice for all who wish to obtain the best tourism services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our Mission

Providing all tourism services to all customers of companies, tourist offices, tour operators and individuals of all nationalities who want to visit our tourist destinations, whether they are groups, families or individuals, in a distinctive way .. a competitor .. that fits all requirements by type, type and price, through a staff Made up of a highly educated, young, highly experienced group, qualified and ready to provide all kinds of tourism and travel services, upon request.

Our policy

Ensuring good and distinguished relationships with all our clients.
Keenness to maintain and develop the excellent business and friendship relations that bind us with all customers.
Contributing to the development of tourism in our destinations to meet the needs of its visitors.
Commitment to the full after-sales service and its implementation

Our Services

We are interested in meeting and implementing all your requirements for tourism services of all kinds, where we study your requests and provide services that suit all your needs and meet all your desires

Hotel reservations:

We take care of securing all accommodation reservations from hotels, apartments and villas, which you can take advantage of the discounts given to us by the accommodations and other features.

Reception and farewell:

We care to receive and bid farewell to all visitors by private cars


We arrange all transportation between the cities of the Kingdom by aviation, bus and private cars

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